New York Life Insurance Company

From the first quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2018 I served in multiple roles within the growing marketing infrastructure at New York Life. I began as a design associate under the Insurance and Agency communications group, then became a senior associate lead designer within the Product, Marketing and Underwriting business area, and eventually assumed the role of art director under a newly structured Marketing team. The following projects are highlights of the most recent and immersive campaigns I developed. Not all project pieces are presented due to propietery and intellectual property restrictions.

Whole Life Insurance campaign

The Whole Life campaign was a new product launch promoting the newly restructured benefits of whole life insurance, a form of insurance that caters to an individual or a families' growing and evolving needs over time. The campaign featured direct mail tiered rollouts of brochures, and postcards. It included agent sales force bundled materials in the form of case studies, and also had online and interactive engagement in the form of information sheets and animated videos.

Whole life brochure

Whole Life Interactive Information Sheet



Whole life pOSTCARD

policy Quarterly Statement redesign

As part of a new initiative to streamline customer support and services at the start of fourth quarter 2017, a multifunctional team lead by New York Life's consumer correspondence team, including technology, compliance, insurance, underwriting, and myself, from marketing was formed. The focal point of our enhancements were the insurance and investment policy statements that are generated and mailed, or electronically sent, to policy holders at the end of each quarter. These statements are the cornerstone by which the service representatives, call center support staff, and the agent sales force are able to provide assistance to customers. Below is a visual representation of the statement before and after, in-between which was a rigorous 7 month process of content auditing, rapid prototyping, and user-testing.





Field marketing tools and Sales Concepts
Financial Needs Analysis & Portfolio Solutions

In an effort to increase New York Life's agent sales force digital capabilities many tools and platform solutions were develop and tested for viability, with an emphasis on creating a streamlined user experience, generating rich contextual information for data and insight mining, scalability, and ease of use. Two such examples of these tools/platforms were the interactive financial needs analysis tool, and the portfolio solutions platform, both of which were initiated as paper products requiring agent and customer services assistance. Represented here is the visual user interface for the prototypes of both.

Financial Needs Analysis tool

Portofolio Solutions 


Promotional video illustrating the advantages of new integrated marketing strategy.

Informational video introducing new service offering for business, employee, and group insurance.

Screensaver animation created and auto-install on employee computers to promote the new brand campaign.

A quick animation for social media channels in celebration of small business week.