In my years living in Ghana, West Africa, I partnered with another designer forming a startup brand and design firm called Oxygen. Our clientele ranged from government contracts, the food service industry, media and entertainment companies, and non-profit and faith organizations. Due to privacy and intellectual property agreements only a select few projects and visuals are featured.



One of our biggest design challenges came in the form of an RFP for a potential Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT), which would have been the first of its kind in Accra, and West Africa. We partnered with a local public relations firm called Stratcomm Africa to acquire grassroots insights on Ghanaians' perception of the transportation system, their traveling and commuting behaviors and habits, as well as their feedback on what they believed should be improved. Armed with the responses and data, we generated three unique branding and identity proposals, only one of which I can share, Velociti. Velociti's primary selling point is the need for speed, departing and arriving at your destinations in the city in a timely manner so that you can spend more time enjoying the city you live in. The brand promise suggests that even though we understood that traffic is pervasive and crippling, the new BRT infrastructure would alleviate that burden, and Velociti was the brand to trust to deliver that.



Another huge proposal we acquired was for a complete rebrand of a wholesale fruit and vegetable puree company, exploring ways to commercialize its products. We developed four concepts and narrowed it down to one. Using their pre-existing name, we created a more playful and vibrant visual identity, one that could be infused with photography or used as decal on merchandizing sold separately. It illustrates freshness, and the transformative process of fruit to puree or juice, while allowing for the name itself to take on color and character.