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Conversations over a couple of drinks. Issues that sometimes require a bit of liquid courage.
Topics that matter and resonate on a personal level. 

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The Knicks are playing!!!

When you're with Natalia Valencia, you either go hard, or you go home — you talk hard, you travel hard, you love hard — or at least that's the first impression you might get.

I took a trip from New York City to Elizabeth, New Jersey, and met up with Naty at one of her local hangout spots, Dolce, on Broad St. And while we do indeed talk about all those things, I quickly realize there's more to her than meets the eye.

Note: The title of this podcast, and the clip we talk about in this episode refer to this viral video. Enjoy!


Elder Millennial Problems

Deeply insightful, brutally witty, and daringly over-opinionated, my good friend Aman Grewal joins me for a drink at The Immigrant, a speakeasy-esk restaurant, bar, and lounge in New York City’s lower east side of Manhattan. Discussing everything from babies in bars, Indian identity, being a millennial, and mental health goals, this episode is a rollercoaster of thought and emotion. Grab a drink and join us.


Pain killers and talking to strangers

A little over a year ago, I made a friend, and found a kindred spirit in the art of storytelling. Ambitious, and empowered, fiercely passionate and funny - Yaindhy (Yai) Vargas, founder of The Latinista. Yai is a slick-talking, j-walking, DR princess who is going to take over the world someday. In this episode we head over to Tommy Bahama, a retail store and restaurant in midtown NYC for happy hour.


Episode 9 | The 3 b'S - Booties, blunts & booze

What happens when a Mexican boy in Southern California with a filthy mouth wants to be a rapper, grows up to be a New York designer, marries one of the baddest babes from Poland, becomes a conspiracy theorist, but has two beautiful daughters? Absolute podcast magic with Frank Xavier Contreras.


Lick Dem Fiiingers

We’ve come a long way since “Episode 1 | Drink Responsibly,” an episode that was spur of the moment and quite frankly recorded on an iPhone! So to kick off our 2017 lineup of guests we decided to bring back J. Aaron Boykin from the first episode to make it up to him.

In this episode we meet up at Dinosaur BBQ in Newark, New Jersey. 
We stuff ourselves on some slow-roasted meats, soul food, throw back some really strong cocktails, talk about music, family, and race, while laughing the whole way through.


Turning 30 and Harlem's still here

In this episode we meet up with our good friend Tiana Charmaine Jones in Harlem, New York at D’Amore Winebar and Caffe on 116th Street & Lexington.

Tiana, a North Philly native is a fashionista, Zumba fitness instructor, and all round inspirational, and fun-loving person. We chat with her about what keeps her motivated and entrepreneurial, the upcoming Thanksgiving season and how to stay in shape, the 2016 elections, and gentrification in a new-age Harlem. Enjoy!


[Bonus] Post-election Interview With Salaam Bhatti

We had such a great discussion with our friend Salaam Bhatti in Episode 2 "Let's Rewind" of the podcast, the night before the 2016 US Presidential elections, that we wanted to do a follow up conversation after the election results were announced to get his thoughts


Let’s Rewind

In this episode we meet up with our good friend Salaam Bhatti in New York City’s Greenwich Village at Think Coffee on 14th street and 8th avenue. Salaam is an all-round nice guy, and funny guy, while also being a respectful religious awareness advocate championing the ideals of Islam and the rights of Muslim-Americans at home, and abroad. As if that weren’t enough, he’s a lawyer by trade, a self-deprecating and satirical comedian, and an avid chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. We talk about all of that and more. Enjoy!