User Experience & Interface


Living TOTO iOS tablet app

While working for The Moderns, TOTO USA, our primary client challenged us to find a solution to their ever-growing highly-technical product catalogs. I decided to create an app that address three core issues: 1) Simplify technical jargon, craft new consumer friendly descriptions. 2) Construct a hierarchy of product information that drove the user into deeper exploration, and establish meaningful connections between related products to encourage up-sell, and 3) Increase familiarity with the brand, and develop a better understanding for each products  specifications within the context of user's daily routines and lifestyles.


[USER JOURNEY] Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions is an exercise in journey mapping use-case scenarios for an online sales application directed at various business-owner consumer segments; from the young startup entrepreneur, the middle-aged work-from-home mom, to the pre-retiree small business manager, each user's needs and experiences are fulfilled through custom content flows and interfacing.

[Web Development] Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Proposed user interface to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Ghana's premier advance/continuous education institution. View website.

[UX/UI] Warner Music Group B2B platforms

 When consulted to re-imagine a new digital experience for Warner Music's three business to business platforms, I began by identifying key users and their stuggles:
Record shop owners found WEA/ADA’s AXIS ordering platform to be confusing to navigate, feature-poor, and excessive when trying to accomplish a single task. Merchandise resellers found the SHOP platform clunky and sluggish, and complicated compared to their personal experiences on other eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. Internally, employees found the Intranet platform virtually unusable, unable to locate key resources in a timely manner.
Working with WMG's digital marketers I began an audit to generate site maps that effectively plotted out these users' core journeys, eliminating pain points in interaction, streamline purchasing flows, and developing new content to drive deeper engagement.

[USER JOURNEY] Financial Needs Analysis app

Prototype user experience for agent sales force to assess prospects financial situation and determine product and service viability.



Simple custom redesign for Harlem-based Italian restaurant with built-in reservation scheduling. View website.

Rollcall app concept

An app to aid recognition and retention of faces and names in an education environment.
The challenge: At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for a large number of new students.
The objective: Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed to reach complete un-aided accuracy.