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A few words about me...

I've gone by many titles over the last few years — art director, digital designer, creative developer — but by far my favorite is visual storyteller.
What it all boils down to is being an effective communicator, a life-long learner and do-er, and a passionate leader. It requires understanding how to approach problems, empathize, develop creative solutions, continuously make improvements, and generate support and following.

My expertise is in advertising and marketing operations, but my experience ranges from the fashion industry, theatre, the financial service industry, and a lot more in between.
I've successfully run a business as a creative solutions entrepreneur, building a book of business across North America, Europe, and West Africa, and I'm always eager to form new connections, expand my network, and foster new opportunities for collaboration.



I began my career about a decade ago as a graphic designer, but quickly built up from there. My interests were much broader, and yet contiguous to the fundamental  principles of design and visual storytelling. I taught myself to storyboard, to wireframe, to code, to edit and retouch, all with the purpose of being able to create more engaging, and interactive, visual experiences.

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Film Making

I began shooting film as an undergrad, in my spare time, in response to a need for more engaging promotional material for the theatre company’s productions. The labors of that experience helped me appreciate the captivating power of the moving image; to be able to stop people in their stride, and illicit immediate reactions was empowering to observe. It later inspired my dissertation on “Brand Awareness vs. Brand Utility as advertised in primetime television,” and has since been a medium of increasing interest to my work.



I bought my first DSLR (Canon 50D) in the summer of 2009, in eager anticipation of emigrating back home to Ghana, West Africa. It was primarily just to document my travels, but when asked by an entertainment company, and also a fashion mogul if I would shoot their new roster of artists, and a new fashion line, I took a leap of faith, and have never looked back.



What happens when a couple of friends go to a bar for happy hour, throw down a phone in the middle of the table, and decide to record whatever happens next? A podcast is born: Happy Hour with Friends.

The podcast encourages the idea of trying new things, taking risks, and going to places unknown. With a particular focus on coming of age in uncertain times, there is a sense of urgency when talking to each other about issues that matter over drinks, how to address and fix the issues facing future generations, while finding the time and balance to enjoy the finer things in life.